What about Jiver?

Ever felt angst about shopping online because of the overwhelming selection at hand? How exactly do you find the perfect gift when you have… only about a GAZILLION products to choose from?!

Jiver stands to eradicate the agony of sorting through zillions of irrelevant products, that can take hours to browse through, making online shopping a total drag.  We aim to create an un-matched user experience with a handsome interface (if we do say so ourselves) that is simple to navigate and compatible with both stationary and mobile devices.

Now, our products are controlled by a dedicated and well-rounded product selection team, whose members represent diverse consumer groups. Each member is constantly monitoring trends in various shopping sectors and listing only the highest rated items from each sector, so we know what we’re doing here. We choose only the most innovative, creative, practical, trending or hilariously clever. We evaluate items based on consumer ratings, ultimately listing only the top picks from across the cyber-universe.

On a budget or want to splurge? The site’s price filter, located along the left side of the website, allows users to pinpoint their exact price range. We hope to make online shopping enjoyable again with informative product descriptions that are… well… a bit liberal for some, but frankly my dear, we don’t really give a damn.

Simply put, Jiver makes it easy for you to search for the best of the internet so your lazy butt doesn’t have to.

Get your Jive on!


What are Jiver Picks?

Some things we love, and some other things we Lo0o0oVE! You see, when one of our little Jiver gnomes, that live and work inside your computer, find an absolutely awesome product and decide they want one of their very own, we categorize it as a Jiver pick.

Our Jiver gnomes are finicky little bastards. They only want superior items that are the trendiest and most innovative with the best consumer reviews. So naturally, when they brand an item as a personal favorite, we know it is truly a one-of-a-kind item. And so, we simply must put it in a category all on its own.

While our gnomes upload only the best products throughout the site, the Jiver picks are the best of the best, de creme de la creme, the…er…you get the jist.

So head on over to the Jiver picks section of our site, but browse with caution; our gnomes are watching you!

What about my Wishlist?

Ever wish upon a star? Did your wish come true? Didn’t think so.

A wishlist on Jiver, however, may indeed get you that awesome, wireless, reversible thingamajig you’ve always wanted!

How? We’re glad you asked.

As you go through our site, add the items you love to your wishlist by clicking the Wishlist It! button below the product pic, you know right next to the button that says Buy It!… ya can’t miss it.

Once your list is complete, you’re able to send out this list to all your loved ones who are likely to buy these items as gifts on your next birthday, anniversary or whatever. It’s like a virtual registry of sorts.

It’s a service to help the giver and receiver. The giver successfully gifts the receiver what they really wanted, and the receiver saves the time needed to return that pair of socks they swore they loved, but actually made them throw up a little bit in their mouth.

What about Monthly Give-Aways?

We love our Jivers. We love to make you laugh. We love to help you find the best gifts for every occasion. But most of all, we love to give you free stuff. That’s right FREE!

Every month, our Jiver team picks products to give away to a very lucky Jiver. And there’s really no catch. Well, maybe just a little one. All we ask is that you register on our site. Simply fill out your name and email address for a chance to win our monthly and monthly give- aways.

We’d like to get to know you. Not in a creepy, spammy, stalker way, but in a way that will help us know what our Jivers love most. This way, we can upload relevant products on our site and keep giving you more of what you want.

Jiver just wants to show you a good time… on our site that is.