What is Jiver?

What is a Jiver, you might ask? Well, a Jiver is an unstoppable being who doesn’t let anyone or anything come between them and getting their jive on…and when you’re trying to shop online, scrolling through endless pages of items on the internet will most definitely make you lose your jive. So we do all work for you! Jiver serves as your personal online shopping editor who’s sole mission is to make the shopping process fun again. We research items across the internet, pulling from an extensive seller network and selecting only the most practical, unique, innovative and hilariously clever items the web has to offer. Offering you an easy to use, shopping friendly interface and full adaptability to all your mobile or stationary devices. Be on the look out for special offers and giveaways throughout the site. Jiving an item favorites it so you can come back to it whenever you’re ready to check out. In short, we give you the best of the internet in one place. Jive on, Jivers!

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