Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Shopping for men on Valentine’s day can be more difficult than we think. For the most part, the holiday is geared toward women. Think about it. Men don’t go crazy over chocolates and flowers. But they do go crazy over other things. To find Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas he’ll go nuts over read on.

Topography Watch

Topography Watch

Watches are a great way to say “I Love You.” But if you’re in love with an authentically smart dresser, then perhaps the watch you had in mind from the department store might be a little ordinary. We have something else in mind where shades of blue and grey stainless steel assemble to depict earthwork for the wrist. With a contemporary grey silicone wristband, the Topography Watch stands as a sure win on Valentine’s Day.

BJ of His Life! (Complete Guide)

Penis Tips and Tricks

Boys will be boys. And boys like blow jobs. This Valentine’s Day however give him the BJ of his life! This Penis Tips and Tricks guide gives specific oral sex techniques that will maximize the joy in his joy stick. It also includes amazing sex positions that beast stimulate a variety of penis shapes and sizes. Ever wanted to know exactly why it curves to the right? Find out with our educational penis literature.

Ring for Sex Bell

Ring for Sex Bell

There’s nothing sexier than a girl with a sense of humor. Get him a novelty gift that is ideal for the guy who likes sex and a good laugh. This bell is a great addition to any bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… basically any place that’s good for sex is good for this bell. Not only is this gift versatile and practical, it’s not limited to just Valentine’s Day.

Strip Tease Stripper Pole

Strip Tease Stripper Pole

Contribute to your guy’s make a wish foundation with a V-Day strip tease. This stripper pole is made for both static and spinning moves enabling you to choreograph an amazingly naughty number whether you’re a beginner or expert. The installation DVD makes it easy for anyone to set up, even you. And after your sexy celebration, you can later use it as a fun and exciting way to get in your workouts.

Parrot Mini Drone

Parrot Mini Drone

We’re not sure how romantic drones are, but we do know how friggin’ awesome they are! It’s not just any drone but one that takes 360px areal pics and makes 360, 90 and 180 degree turns. He can fly his drone at 11 mph and up to 18 km into the sky right from his Bluetooth, smartphone or tablet device. Say I love you with his new favorite toy.

Like Clockwork Cufflinks

Like Clockwork Cufflinks

Your man is everything but ordinary. His cufflinks shouldn’t be either. Help him add an extraordinary detail to his ensemble with these gold and silver Like Clockwork Cufflinks. The sleek and classic design reveals a 3-dimensional inner construct of a clock with moving parts. These little guys are a great gift that are as distinguished as your man.

A Sensual Massage (Kit)

Sensual Massage Kit

An erotic message on Cupid’s holiday makes for a memorable experience. This Sensual Message Kit will help. Included is a candle that melts to act as massage lotion and a heart shape massager. To guide you, there are 24 tantalizing technique cards allowing you to take him into a deeply relaxed and hedonistic state of mind and body.

Sex Panther Pheromone Cologne

Sex Panther Cologne

The best feeling a man can get must be when he knows you desire him. Generate that tigress passion for his touch when he puts on this Sex Panther Pheromone Cologne. Infused with pheromones, the powerfully fresh and seductive cologne will make you jump his bones the minute you smell his scent in the drive way. Guaranteed to work 60% of the time, every time.

A Wild Night with Sensual Truth or Dare

Heart Cut Out Panties

Get close on Valentine’s Day with a little help from Jiver. We’ve got a game he’ll love to play. Sensual Truth or Dare holds 50 sticks for a player to pull on each turn. On one side, a revealing sexy truth, on the other, a naughty dare. There’s no telling how wild and crazy the night will get.

Unwrap Me Red Teddy

unwrap me red teddy

Give him the best gift he can get- YOU! Wrap yourself up in a sultry satin red bow and let him have his way with you. As an excellent alternative to the traditional box of candy, this will make for a very special Valentine’s Day treat. Easy to put on and easy to take off. Needless to say, he will eat his heart out.

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