Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

BEST VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS for HER. Women love love. Therefore, the more romantic, the better your odds of getting laid on Valentine’s Day. (See our Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts post for ideas!) Whether your ultimate goal is passionate love making or simply expressing how much she means to you, if you stick to our list, then you’ll probably accomplish both.

Map of Our Love

map of our love gift

Love conquers all, even long distances. Celebrate the love that brought you together while embracing the differences that set you apart. Each Map of Our Love frame is made with vintage maps of your place of origin. Customize with each of your names, various fonts and map styles.

Cobblestone Love Ring

Cobblestone Love Ring

Your girl is one of a kind; her promise ring should be also. Our responsibly mined Cobble Stone Love Ring will reflect her casual elegance with its distinctive design. Hand-made in New York from recycled gold and rough grey diamonds, this unrefined yet precious jewel will celebrate your bond for years to come.

Multiple Orgasms!

Female Ejaculation 101

Sometimes the best gifts are those that offer memorable experiences. Believe us when we say, multiple orgasms are definitely one of them. And yes, vaginas can do that. Find out how with our Female Ejaculation 101 book. All you ever wanted to know about pleasing the vagina is in this book. Trust us when we say this gift will never get old!

Seashell Rose Sculpture

Seashell rose sculpture

Roses are red, violets are blue and both are boring as Sh*t! Let’s revamp the flowers on Valentine’s Day tradition with a rose made of seashells. This masterful art piece embraces the delicate beauty of a rose yet is ever lasting. The sculpture is made of fractured seashells from the churning of the sea. Each hand-selected seashell comes together to create a tangible expression of your love for her.

Gold Dipped Lace Pendant

Gold Dipped Lace Pendant

This token of love is as delicate and beautiful as she is. Capture her essence in this rare artisanal heart pendant. The Gold Dipped Lace Pendant undergoes a careful process that begins as a simple lace cut out and emerges as a fine piece of 24K gold jewelry. This item is an ideal statement for the woman who holds your heart.

Monogram Gold Bangle

Monogram gold bangle

If your girlfriend is more of the trendy and fashionable type, she’s going to love our Monogram Gold Bangle. Each design comes in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold to suit her tastes. Personalize the bangle with both of your initials to commemorate your love or design it with only her initials to pay tribute to her name.

Chocolate Soaps

Chocolate Soaps

We’re adding a twist to the box of chocolates idea with our box of Chocolate Soaps. Nourish her senses with this lusciously scented bath time treat that comes in amber chocolate, chocolate bars, fudge brownies and raspberry drizzle varieties. These chocolates make for touchable skin as they’re made with Shea butter, coconut, palm kernel and almond oils.

A Sex Bomb Bath

Sex bath Bomb

Surprise the special lady in your life with a steamy hot bath. Light the candles, shuffle your most seductive tunes, and trail her path into the bathtub with red rose pedals. The secret ingredient to a sensual evening is submerged within the bath water however with our Sex Bath Bomb. The sultry bath aid releases aphrodisiacal scents like jasmine, sage and ylang ylang. The milk soy makes her skin soft and kiss-ably smooth.

Heart Cut Out Panties

Heart Cut Out Panties

The most romantic day of the year is not complete without passionate lovemaking. To aid in cupid’s favorite pastime we recommend tasteful lingerie. These low-rise Heart Cut-Out Panties are a great alternative to the tacky variety we find at sex shops. Delicate and sensuous just like their owner, this is an item that gifts to the giver and receiver. The sexy open-bottom heart cut out make them cute enough for her and arousing enough for him.

Flash Drive Heart

Flash Drive Heart Charm

If your girl is into techs and gadgets but still has class and style about her, then this Flash Drive Heart Charm should be right up her ally. The vintage style charm comes in a variety of styles and space ranges from 4GB to 64GB. Whether she’s a Mac or PC girl this pendant will do.

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