Top Ten Gift for Christmas

Tension is rising! With the Holidays approaching, shopping malls can be the nightmare before Christmas. Don’t believe me? I dare you to step into a Macy’s this time of year. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Don’t fret; Jiver is spreading Holiday cheer by bringing you the best of the Internet in our Top Ten Christmas Gifts series. Get something for everyone on your list.

Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock

Top Gift for Her Don’t be fooled, women don’t generally think it’s the thought that counts. They most definitely like nice things. This is why we think our opulent Aerial Yoga Hammock ($255) will absolutely get you laid this holiday season. This deluxe yoga hammock was designed by flying trapeze artist Kerry Tice to be user friendly and machine washable. Your Gal can use this exclusive two-handle, 10.5-yard of aerial fabric hammock for foot loops, hand loops, or yoga. Hang it in your yard or in your apartment. It is a new and exciting way to exercise that will satisfy her adventurous inner child while improving her physical and mental health. Plus, she’ll look pretty awesome naked. Seriously, guys? This is a no brainer.

Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone

Parrot rolling Spider Drone

Top Gift for Him Ladies, we all know 30 is the new 20, but for men, 30 is more like the new 15. Therefore, don’t be surprised if he’d love our Mini Drone: Parrot Rolling Spider ($129.88) instead of a distinguished cologne. This compact and agile drone takes amazing aerial pics. It’s ability to make 90, 360 and 180 degree turns allow it to perform mid- air acrobatics satisfying your man’s imagination. Coolest part of all is he can do it all from his Bluetooth, smartphone or tablet! Concerned he may pay more attention to his new toy than you? Not to worry, as soon as he sees your new body from working that Opulent Aerial Yoga Hammock, the drone will just be another reason why he adores you.

Smartphone Photo Printer

Smartphone Cube Photo Printer

Top Gift for Mom Lifetime memories should not be stored away in some cloud or hard drive. These are your memories. JPEGS can be put to better use like creating photo collages and scrap books. Make your holiday greeting cards with love this season and get the Smartphone Photo Printer ($159.99). Print typical 4 X 6 photos or panaromics on photo paper that is resistant to water, scratches and icky fingerprints. The photo cube comes ready to print 10- 4X6 photos so you can start decorating your space with your fondest memories as soon as it arrives. Mom’s really gonna love this, and you know it.

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth speakers

Top Gift for Dad Last year, you got Dad a standard tie and checkered socks. The perfect accessories for a day at snooze fest. BORING!!! If you want to wow Dad this Christmas, get him our Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ($199.95) Yes, you heard correctly, this thing friggin’ LEVITATES! Like, seriously, in mid-air. This OM/ONE speaker was designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, thus ensuring it’s superiority above other Bluetooth speakers. You’ll be able to hear every high and low with no external distortion. Change tracks and control volume from up to 33 ft away. Dad can even answer phone calls on this device, making him feel like the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world: “I don’t always answer phone calls, but when I do, it’s only from my bad ass Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.”

Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

Temporary Metallic Jewelry tattoos

Top Gift for Teens Ahh the wonder years! At that age we looked for acceptance, struggled with our identity and everything was our parent’s fault. You may be able to relieve some teenage angst this Christmas with some uber cool Temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos ($29.01). It’s a must have accessory this season. This non-toxic form of self-expression applies with water and lasts up to 7 days, even through regular showering. Silver and gold designs are the highlight to any outfit. We must admit, this is a far better scenario than to see daddy’s little girl come home with a real tramp stamp, eh Pops?

Gravity Defying Car

Gravity Defying Toy Car

Top Gift for Brats Vroom, vrooommm! Look at it go! Our Gravity Defying Car ($49.99) is sure to annoy the hell out of any parent this Holiday season- and thereafter. But that will all go away when you see the smile on your kid’s face, as he defies the laws of physics in this super cool, 2 drive RC race car. It can drive on walls and ceiling. Goes forward, backwards, left, right and spins too! Best of all it won’t damage your walls or ceilings. He’ll surely be the coolest kid on the block. And you do want him to be cool, don’t you?

Fart-be-Gone Patches

subtle butt patches

Top Gag Gift Have you or someone you love been affected by the uncontrollable urge to fart? Does it occur at the most inappropriate times jeopardizing your family’s safety and lifestyle? If so, you may be suffering from Chronic Fart Syndrome. Cutting the cheese is a serious problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. But today there is hope! would like to introduce the Fart-Be-Gone Underwear Patch ($12.95). Our odor-neutralizing patch discreetly attaches to your underwear dissolving the smell so no one is affected by your farting again. You and your family can finally breath easy. Happy Holiday farting!

Under Desk Foot Hammock

under desk foot hammock

Top Gift the BossYour boss may be a chronic fidgeter while sitting at a desk for hours, chipping away at the workday. While you’re doing all the real work, he or she may reposition themselves every five seconds, tucking their legs in, stretching them out, crossing and uncrossing them in attempts to find the perfect spot for their feet. Give your boss the gift of comfort with the Under Desk Foot Hammock ($79.99). It’s adjustable and come in a variety of fun colors. Who knows, this brown nose holiday gift may land you that promotion that’s long over due. Thank the Christmas elves at FUUT, INC for this one.

Dog Activity Monitor

dog activity monitor

Top Gift for Rusty Picture this: it’s Monday morning. You’re suited up ready for the day. As you’re about to close the door, you catch a glimpse of Rusty’s puppy dog eyes and your soul aches with concern. The dog sitter is on the way but you know that no one takes care of your dog quite like you do. But then you remember you just purchased the Dog Activity Monitor ($99.99) off and feel a rush of relief. You know the whistle activity monitor attached to your dog’s collar tracks walking time, health trends, feeding times and resting times, communicating your dog’s needs to his caretaker. Gift yourself peace of mind knowing that your dog is properly cared for via comprehensive tracking data accessible through your iPhone.

3-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit

Smartphone Camera Lens

Top Gift for Secret Santa Whoever you got stuck with for Secret Santa, this gift will surely beat a lump of coal. Don’t be surprised if your Secret Santa becomes the new Instagram sensation using the smartphone compatible 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit. It features 3 popular lens varieties: the macro lens, the wide-angle lens and the fisheye lens. It also comes with a lens clip and velvet tote for easy mobility. And as every Secret Santa has a spending limit, you can snag this gift for less than $20 bucks!

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