Agate Slice Coasters


Make mother nature proud and decorate your home with a piece of naturally formed agate. Popular because a) everyone’s a bohemian chic hippy nowadays and is trying to outnature the next hippy and b) because it’s pretty. It’s a beautiful naturally occuring phenom that, when sliced thinly, catches the light in a magnificent way. Agate is formed when groundwater passes through air pockets in cooling lava. It’s known for its beautiful organic colors and mystical properties. It was once thought to protect its owners from danger and even produce delightful dreams. These coasters were formed in Brazil and finished off with a bit of silver and 24k gold lining along the edges.

BUY IT! $140.00

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• A freshly muddled cocktail deserves a beautiful backdrop.
• Made in Brazil from vibrant cuts of agate
• Eye-catching coaster features an electro-magnetically applied sterling silver or 24k gold trim, lending an even more refined touch to the colorful natural phenomenon.
• Made from Sterling Silver, Agate, 24kt Gold