Car Bomb Beer Glass


Taking one to the head doesn’t mean taking one to the face. Don’t be the douchebag who hurt himself while taking a simple shot; use this pint glass with a  magnetic base so it keeps the shot glass inside after you drop it in and turn it bottoms up. As an extra added bonus; this shot glass divides in half, allowing for different ingredients and a tasty drink. Cheers!

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• The magnetic base keeps glasses together, protecting your face from the falling shot glass
• Creates infused “drop shot” drinks like car bombs and Jägerbombs
• Divided shot glass allows double infusion
• Set includes two 16-ounce magnetic beer glasses and two 1.5-ounce magnetic, divided shot glasses
• Use Drop Shots to make:
Boilermakers, Jägerbombs, Sake Bombs, Skittle Bombs, Flaming Dr. Pepper, and Irish Car Bombs