Car Seat Gap


There’s nothing that will fluster your feathers like dropping your: iPhone, lipstick, food, earrings, etcetera in the gaps between your seat as you’re driving and nothing that is less safe than diving in there to get it. End the frustration with this genius solution; the car seat gap filler. Made to fill in those gaps perfectly so you can drop your sh*t in confidence, knowing it’ll land on that convenient gap filler, staying in easy reach and not making you go dive 20,000 Leagues under your seat and possibly crashing into everyone and everything because you were driving while doing so.

BUY IT! $19.95

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• Flexible stop gap closes the space between the console and the front seat of a car, catching all the crap you drop and not risking your safety as you dive to reach it.
• Made of high-grade neoprene
• Set of two.