Cooking Stone Platter


Sick of dinner party guests complaining about their seafood or meat not being cooked the way they like it? Make them do it! With these steak stone platters. If you’re a fan of simmering fajita pans, hibachi and watching your food be prepared table side or right in front of you, you’ll want one of these. Made of lava rock from Mount Etna in Sicily, these cooking stone platters allow for individual diners to cook their seafood or meat to their liking, without the responsibility of having to cook each slab differently to appease the individuals. Makes for a fancy look so even though essentially you’re making your guests do all the work, they’ll look at you like you’re a super fancy foodie who knows so much about the culinary world that you can’t be bothered without actually having to COOK. Ha! This has been you Jiver #LifeHack #101.

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• Cook healthy, tasty, flavorful steaks, seafood and veggies at your table.
• Control exactly how your food is cooked, no more preparing different rare, medium or well done cuts for different diners.
• Made from Lava rock from Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. Durable and easy to clean.
• Comes with ceramic dish for sides and 3 ceramic pots for sauces.
• Ensures each meal is created with flair