DIY Exes Voodoo Doll


That two-timing, gold digging, cocaine sniffing, drunken sloppy whore! That miserable, dirty, no-good, low life, pathetic excuse for a man! You can’t believe you gave them the time of day and you want payback! Well, going after your ex with a sharp object is probably not the best way to go, seeing as there’s that small little detail called a life sentence you’ll most likey have to deal with if you go through with it. If all you can dream about is shoving extremely sharp objects into your ex, here’s your hands clean, murder free way out; the DIY ex voodoo doll kit. A perfect activity for anti-Valentine’s day party- everyone has someone they’d love to turn into a voodoo doll and really stick it to.

BUY IT! $9.95

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• 1 Oz, Height 1.3 In. , Width 2.9 In. , Length 3.2 In.
• You could go after your ex with a butcher knife or a chain saw, but you may have to deal with that pesky life sentence afterwards.
• Redirect that anger in a more subtle, hands off way with this voodoo doll kit. It includes small voodoo doll (blue ex-boyfriend on one side and pink ex-girlfriend on the other) and six stick-pins.