DIY Mead Kit


Cheer your fellow wenches or ruffians with a goblet of delicious mead, the famous drink of old, consumed and loved by the people of medieval times. The ancient Greeks called mead, Ambrosia, or Nectar (history gives us many names & varieties of Mead). It was believed to be the drink of the gods, and was thought to descend from the Heavens as dew, before being gathered in by the bees. The Greeks believed that mead would prolong life, and bestow health, strength, virility, re-creative powers, wit and poetry. The bees themselves, we are told by Virgil’s Georgics are driven to the sky to honor the goddess Aphrodite. Make this mysterious and delicious drink in your own home, made the way the ancient people did in the mead heyday.

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• Assembled in Illinois. Includes:  1 Gallon Glass Carboy, Carboy Cap, Cane Siphon, Siphon Filter Cap, Tubing, Stopper with Hole, Airlock, Yeast, No-Rinse Sanitizer, Florida Harvest Organic Honey, Oak Chips
• Golden, honey-based liquor. Mead is the ancestor of all fermented beverages, originating in Asia over 9,000 years ago.
• A favorite of the ancient world and medieval Europe. Inspired the term “honeymoon” (the first month of marriage, when couples would toast with mead).
• Made from Plastic, Honey, Yeast, Glass, Oak Chips. Packaging: 11″ L x 8″ W x 8″ H