DIY Sake Kit


You’ve been to enough sushi restaurants to know how delicious a warm, hearty tasting sake can be. Now, join the ranks of the Japanese artisan sake makers by making your own. This DIY sake maker walks you through all the ancient steps necessary to create the tasty rice wine of old Japan. Once you’re through, offer it to the Gods. Then take a shot for yourself and your impressive newfound sake making skills!

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• Contents include plastic, burlap, muslin, yeast, glass, rice, sake additives.
• Made for ages 21 and up.
• Assembled in Illinois. Includes:
1 Gallon Glass Carboy, Cane Siphon, Siphon Filter Cap, Siphon Clip, Tubing, Stopper with hole, Airlock, Yeast, Campden Tablets, Acid Blend, No-Rinse Sanitizer,Steeping bags, Short-Grain High Polished Rice, Yeast Energizer,Fermenting Bucket w/ Grommet
• Packaging: 12″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H
• Kit includes: 1 gallon jug, 2 gallon fermenting bucket, plastic tubing, rubber stopper, muslin bag, cleaner, rice, yeast, sake additives. Ingredients make 1 gallon of sake. Equipment is meant to be reused to make many more batches. Store in a temperature controlled environment.