Dog Hump Doll


Like the bloodhound gang once said, we aint nuthin but mammals…you know the rest. As disturbing as it is, we…guess… pets need their loving too. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your leg get raped by your horny pet! Redirect his inevitable humping to something else; his very own hump mate doll. We’d much rather he have a designated, non-fertile and safe hump partner that is not a human or a human appendage. This French design brings pets a hump doll with extremely firm, no-slide grip for stability, attractive curves and design, and best of all, this freaky little hump doll has its very own glory hole right smack dab in the center of it’s butt! Give your pet what it wants without having to commit to a whole litter or puppies or having to deal with doggy AIDS.

BUY IT! $201.35

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• A “hump mate” for your pet
• superior no-slide grip
• Doll’s rear features insertion cone
• Hygenic plastic and silicone construction