Drumstick Grilling Rack


As time goes on, we become less and less like cavemen. This is one of those devices propelling us to become more civilized one invention at a time. Instead of laying down chicken drumsticks across, grimy, charred and filthy grills we KNOW ain nobody got time to clean, just use this handy little chicken leg roasting rack. You suspend the legs above the surface on the grilling rack and allow for all the fatty juices to slide off into the tray, making your chicken legs cleaner and leaner. Take that, George Foreman.

BUY IT! $19.97

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• Adjustable height rack and offset notches
• Stainless steel
• Holds up to 12 chicken legs or wings
• Protects legs from flare-ups
• Package includes leg/wing rack, adjustable rack poles, and drip pan