Earbud Cord Wrapper


There’s nothing more annoying than losing another pair of $30 earbuds to wire damage from simply putting your earbuds away. They always get tangled, messed up as you continuously fold them, caught in zippers, or get torn apart by your cat. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were tougher than these damn earbuds! Fix it, with this earbud cord wrapper. It’s finally a place for you to wrap the cords in a neat, organized fashion and kee it that way. #LifeHack #12,800 from your buddy Jiver. Jive on.

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• Compact earbud cord organizer with stylish design
• Choose either blue, purple, black, or white
• Also functions as a stand in landscape mode for iPhones 3G and later
• Plastic
Dimensions: 2.6″ tall x 1.2″ wide
Weight: .8 oz.