Fitness Storage Belt


Just try to take a Zumba class with your iPhone, wallet, keys, and whatever else you brought with you to the gym and have fun going on the scavenger hunt at the end of the class that it would take to find what part of the gym each thing landed in. Or worse, try taking that class knowing that all your other gym mates are lurking around your stuff somewhere, wherever you left it. Wack. This Fitness storage belt allows you keep your stuff on you at all times while never interfering with your workout and without flying all over the place. And if you need to get to your stuff at all, get it from one of the many storage pockets on the belt. Machine washable and dryable with no uncomfortable buckles involved- just pure ingenuity!

BUY IT! $26.99

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• Several accessible compartments throughout belt.
• Buckle-free to prevent chafing.
• No bounce and balanced design.
• Logo- 3M quality reflective quality.
• Machine washable and dryable.