Fitness + Sleep Tracker


If fitness and health is important to you, this Fitbit activity and sleep tracker wristband is like having your own personal trainer with you throughout the day, but with more insight specific to your patterns. This lightweight wristband has a simple design that is non-intrusive and subtle. Fitbit tracks your daily activity, letting you know how you’re doing towards your goals throughout the day with LED lights and even continues tracking into the night. Monitoring your sleep activity and even waking you gently so you don’t oversleep but don’t wake your partner.Reach your goals faster with Fitbit.

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• Keeps track of steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
• Wakes you with a silent alarm that won’t disturb you partner
• LED lights keep you updated on your progress towards your goals throughout the day
• Slim, lightweight and comfortable to wear, comes with thicker and thinner wristband sizes
• Black
• Available in blue and red sizes (price differences apply)