Honey Badger Talking Plush


Forget a boring teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. You think Teddy gives a sh*t about your undying love for your girl/boyfriend? Well he doesn’t and he doesn’t do much more than sit there and collect dust. If you’re going to gift your honey with a plush anima that couldn’t care less about your relationship, might as well be a honey badger that makes you laugh with his rude remarks. The world’s most fearless animal, this guy aint never scared! He has a variety of things to say to you that will leave you offended but tres amused.

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• According to Guinness Book of World Records, this is the world’s most fearless creature
• Soundbytes by Randall, original voiceover for famous honey badger video.
• Honey Badger plush R rated version sayings:1.Honey Badgers are quite badass and out of their f!@#ing mind2.Ewwwthats so F!@#ing Gross3.Honey Badger Dont Give a S!@#4.Look at that sleepy F!@#5.Honey Badger just smacks the s!@# out of it.6.Its getting stung like a thousand timesit really doesnt give a s!@#