Occupied Heart Beer Glass


If getting fully inebriated on Valentine’s Day sounds like more your figurative cup of tea than a romantic dinner or watching The Notebook (barf) and eating ice cream as you drown yourself in a pathetic pool of your own, lonely tears, this pint glass is SO you. Let creepers and floozies who might try to approach you on that nauseating day (February 14) get your message loud and clear without ever having to stop sipping that delicious liquid gold that is beer. Your heart has no room for love and foolishness because it’s occupied. Doing something way more important than getting caught up in complicated love dilemmas; it’s pumping blood through your body to keep you alive. Isn’t that quite enough?

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• 16oz Drinking Glass
• Image on glassq translucent, not opaque
• Standard pint glass, holds 16 US oz.
• Lead free glass