PacMan Ghost NightLight


Pacman’s overrated. He’s big, fat, round and yellow and spends his days chasing you around and stealing the little trails of food you left for yourself to enjoy. Screw that guy. Shine your light, ghosts! This Pacman ghost lamp will shine the light you need in the dark so you can find your way around and not stub your toe on the evil corners of your bed. Super cute way to show your love for the retro video games of your heydays.

BUY IT! $49.99

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• Ghost from Pacman lamp to decorate your desk at work or home, showing off your love for the classic video games from back in the day
• Scare off that yellow meanie who steals your food
• Officially licensed Pac-Man collectible, Smooth, Flash, Strobe, or Fade effects
• Lamp Power: Plug it into the wall!
• Dimensions: Approx. 7.8″ tall