Portable Tire Inflator


Having to find a working air pump at a gas station SUCKS! More than half the the air pumps we drive up to are pretty much always out of order. Forget having to drive around, hunting for a properly functioning air pump and wasting gas- get one of these portable tire inflators. Not only is the portability what makes it one of the most convenient things you can have in your car, but this thing shuts off automatically when you’ve reached the desired tire pressure input by you! No more nervously holding your breath, praying that the tire doesn’t blow your face to smithereens because you accidentally filled it with too much air. Better yet, this inflator comes with adapters for you to inflate other things such as a basketball or other recreational balls. Bam. Take that, wack a$$ gas station air pumps! We won’t be investing our hard earned quarters anymore!

BUY IT! $89.95

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• Great for inflating low tires during diurnal or nocturnal roadside emergencies
• 12″ L x 4 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ H. (3 3/4 lbs.)
• Rechargeable battery charges i just 3 hours after being completely depleted
• Flexible 5″-long air hose tipped with a thread connector