Ring for Sex Bell


She (or he, but most likely she) writes all these nice things about giving you what you want in that V-day card. She gives you a sexual favor booklet and TELLS you what you want to hear when that famous lover’s holiday rolls around. A few weeks after? It’s all in the trash and you’re back to your barren, sexless life as roommates that call each other a couple. Give her something she can’t throw away or forget, something that will ring true no matter how many days go by. The RING FOR SEX bell. She might be studying, cooking, watching TV, talking on the phone but damnit, when you ring that bell- that ass is yours and she knows it. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys.

BUY IT! $6.50

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• The Ring For Sex Bell can be kept on your bedside table, work desk or wherever you young roughens like to ‘make whoopee’ nowadays.
• In this day and age of complicated and over-rated technology, simple communication such as smoke-signals and bell ringing has been all but forgotten. Bring back the Sex Bell and get ready for another way of communication!
• Measures approx 12 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm.
•Red metalized bell with black wood handle.