Robo Lawn Mower


There’s nothing quite like mowing the lawn. It’s time consuming, it’s tiring, it’s a great experience- said no one EVER. Mowing the lawn SUCKS. Paying someone else to do it sucks. Hire someone who only requires you to pay them once and done- the robot lawn mower! It’s like something out of a futuristic dream and like something out of a boyscout who needs to raise funds’ nightmare. This smart robot mower is totally unmanned and independent, fully equipped with collision sensors, rain sensors, and theft protection systems so not only do you not have to worry about working yourself to exhaustion but you also do not have to worry about it being stolen.

BUY IT! $1,885.00

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• Fully-automatic grass mowing by microcomputer processor
• Intelligent moving function
• Collision sensor
• When it rains, it will back to the charging station within its own borders