Serene Sleep Sounds


Ever wish it would rain outside right as you go to sleep because you KNOW it will give you the best sleep you’ve had in months? Ever wished you could be transported into a jungle and fall asleep to the sounds of nature? The ability for environmental sounds to help you fall asleep can be attributed to the natural rhythms found in these ambiences, helping you reach deeper levels of R.E.M. and giving you the right kind of sleep for you to feel energized the next day. Mother nature knows best and this serene sounds alarm clock listened to her when creating this product. It features 16 different sounds all developed based on scientific research to give you the right sounds and rhythms to give you the best nights of sleep you’ve had in ages.

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• 16 digitally mastered sound programs designed to help you sleep, relax and renew
• Sounds composed using Delta, Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies that occur during relaxation and sleep
• Rhythms gently encourage your brain to enter into its “sleep” or “relax” modes
• Includes sounds designed to help mask the symptoms associated with ringing in the ear