Sex Panther Pheromone Cologne


Rawr! Look at you, sex panther. Your manly manliness it’s just too overwhelming. This, manly sex panther man, is the scent of masculinity and animalistic natural instincts that elicit passionate outbursts out of any woman who happens to wander into your vicinity.WARNING: PRODUCT MAY ONLY BE WORN BY MEN AMONG MEN WHO ARE MORE RAGING BEASTLY PANTHERS THAN MEN. If anyone without the level of manliness required to wear sex panther cologne tries to wear this, the intensity of it will immediately make them roll into a fetal position, suck their thumb and cal lfor mommy to come save them.

BUY IT! $34.00

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• Sex Panther Cologne 1.7 oz
• Officially Licensed from Anchorman
• 60% of the time, it works every time.
• Smells great