Siri’s Lifeguard


First Siri goes commando and we have to get her panties, now she’s going for a swim? Ma’am, you know you can’t swim, so what’s with the suicidal skinny dipping. This b**ch needs a lifeguard at this point, so once you get Siri out of the toilet, sink, shower, ocean, pool or coffee cup she decided to try to drown herself in, take her out and stick her in this Bheestie bag. It’s ultra dry, moisture proof bag that contains 2, 14 gram each, packets of molecular sieve desiccant – each packet contains a few blue beads which turn gray once product can’t absorb any more moisture. Can be used to get moisture out of cell phones, iPods, watches, cameras etc. – virtually any small electronic. May be used for everyday moisture removal or when Siri decides to be get loca and take a swim.

BUY IT! $17.99

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• Lasts up to a year.
• Blue indicating beads.
• Moisture proof bag.
• Lightweight & compact.
• Gusseted bottom allows bag can stand up.