This thing freaking FLOATS. Like, seriously, it floats. Who doesn’t want a bluetooth speaker that levitates like Harry Potter just put the Leviosa spell on it, like Matilda just controlled it with her mind or like it belongs on the set of Star Trek or the Jetsons? We’d buy floating hamster droppings simply because they float, let alone something as desirable and functional as a bluetooth speaker. So once you get over the fact that it does, in fact, float in midair, you’re going to want to know that you’re paying for a quality product. Well, this OM/ONE speaker was designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, thus ensuring it’s superiority above other bluetooth speakers. You’ll be able to hear every high and low with no external distortion. Change tracks and control volume from up to 33 ft away. Answer your phone calls on this and feel like you’re James Bond, Charlie talking to his angels, or the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world.

Sit or Stand Workstation


Sticky notes are sticky…and you can write notes on them. Thaaaat’s about it. We’re in too modern of times to have anything boring these days- even sticky notes deserve to be interesting and unique. These wood printed memo pads look like a random wood block when intact, and woodchips when you tear one off to use it. Your coworkers wont bother you for sticky notes if they walk by your desk and see you just brought a block of wood to write on. Enough of these and you just might inadvertently start a game of sticky note Jenga in the office.

BUY IT! $423.92

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• Optimized for latest iMac
• Sit or stand height adjustability