Starbucks Audio Plug


Lets face it, America runs on Starbucks. We know, Dunkin’ knows it, the ENTIRE. WORLD. KNOWS IT.  We’ve all been assimilated into the Starbucks Borg-like collective (Star Trek term, if you’re unfamiliar, google it). Why not show off your flavor and protect your iPhone from the elements with these cute Frappuccino and latte audio jack plugs? Comes in a 6 pack featuring 2 clear Starbucks cups, a caramel frap, a yellow one that is supposed to represent what exactly, we’re not sure; the strawberry frap and the green tea frap. Adorable accessory, conversation starter, Starbucks token of loyalty and potential stocking stuffer.

BUY IT! $6.90

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• Made of high quality, durable, clear plastic.
• Soft silicon plug protects the phone socket from water and dust.
• Lightweight and easy to plug in and remove.
• Compatible Mode: All devices with 3.5mm earphone jack