Transparent Hermit Crab Shell


Sheer is in- Rihanna’s wearing see through dresses and hermit crabs are showing it off in glass shells. Hey, why not? These sneaky little crustaceans have been hiding their business for long enough. Time to see what’s really going on in those sketchy little crabitats. Give your pet hermit crab a designer, hand blown glass penthouse to move into, allowing him or her to view what’s going on while chillin’ in their glass house (hopefully not throwing any stones at anyone) and view what it is he’s really doing in there. This thing is like the Trump Towers of the crab world. Great for kids at home or in the classroom setting who are learning about the animal world and for peeping toms like you who want to see everything! *Eyeballs emoji.

BUY IT! $15.50

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• Hand blown glass designs
• Transparent crab shell option to house your crab and keep him viewable
• Pose no harm to crabs
• Many sizes and designs available
• Customizable shell sizes available