Suspended Tree Tent


Every kid dreamed of living in a tree house at some point. This company, tentstile, took it upon themselves to keep this dream alive. They created several portable tent models that can be set up to tensely suspend in the air. A great way to relax outdoors, you can utilize one of these tents for camping trips, music festivals, eco-treks, wildlife filming trips, humanitarian disaster relief trips, safaris, and much more. Tenstile tents were created to get people to connect to their inner kid again and get back to nature. The tents all feature rain flys and mosquito protecting mesh. The suspension factor separates you from the risks often posed in nature, such as snakes, bugs, unstable or uncomfortable ground and other factors. Their belief is that the more connected people are to it, the more deforestation can be reduced and maybe one day, even eliminated. They even take it upon themselves to plant 3 trees for every tent sale they make. Pretty awesome!

BUY IT! $599.00

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• Meant to be set up no higher than 1.2m/4 feet off the ground
• Insect Mesh Roof
• 2.5 ton webbing straps
• 3 sturdy straps that anchor to surrounding trees