Turquoise Coral Cuff


Textered birch bark and lace-edged oak leaves come together as the inspiration behind this beautifully crafted cuff bracelet. Earthy tones of brass and green, reflective of the forest’s awesomeness, combine as a pretty sick piece of bling. The bracelet is sealed to conserve luster and color for long lasting beauty.

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• The forms of Nancy Nelson’s woodsy cuff bracelet are drawn from two forest findings: subtly textured birch bark and lace-edged young oak leaves.
• Nelson created molds from these natural elements, then joined them and cast the hybrid form in brass, with a green patina added to the leaves.
• The whole composition is hand-finished and sealed to preserve the color and luster. It’s an accessory abundant in the shapes, textures and colors of the forest. Handmade in the USA.
• Made from Brass. Measurements : 2.25″ Diameter; Leaf 1″ wide.