Siamese Shot Glass


Your wing man or woman has been there through thick and thin. They’ve helped you bag that hot chick at the Brass Tap. They’ve taken the fall for you in times of need. They’ve taken one for the team with the busted one just so you could take home that hot one. They’ve covered your stupid fat mouth when you said something ridiculous to your crush while you were drunk, confiscated your phone when you were about to press send on that text to your ex and they’ve held your hair up as you’ve puked your heart and soul out into that toilet bowl. They’ve even covered for you when your father/mother/sister/brother/significant other was blowing up your phone asking where you were and were you really at the library studying or were you perhaps acting like you were auditioning for Girls Gone Wild at your local strip club. They’ve had your back and you two belong together. Take that shot the way you two belong- together! This siamese Shot Glass holds 5.5 ounces, leaving you each with 2.75 oz of liquid courage and memory making. Cheers! To all the drinking buddies and amazing wingmen and women out there! Wing on!

BUY IT! $7.95

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• Durable acrylic 2 person shot glasses
• Pulls apart for easy cleaning
• 2.75 ounces per person
• 10 x 3 x 3 inches