Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party


Picture this: It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re in the thick of it. Couples everywhere, sweaty palms pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes like zombies, leaving trails of annoying little hearts floating above their stupid heads. Every God forsaken aisle in Walmart is a nauseating sea of pink and red. It’s national singles’ awareness day and you have HAD it. STRIKE. BACK. Create your own soiree where NO COUPLES ARE ALLOWED. Who’s in secret society now, lover nazis? Cupid is Stupid Women’s Shirt He’s coming for you – that fat, naked, winged, freak-baby is back for his annual attempt at


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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BEST VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS for HER. Women love love. Therefore, the more romantic, the better your odds of getting laid on Valentine’s Day. (See our Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts post for ideas!) Whether your ultimate goal is passionate love making or simply expressing how much she means to you, if you stick to our list, then you’ll probably accomplish both. Map of Our Love Love conquers all, even long distances. Celebrate the love that brought you together while embracing the differences that set you apart. Each Map of Our Love frame is made with vintage maps of your place of


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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Shopping for men on Valentine’s day can be more difficult than we think. For the most part, the holiday is geared toward women. Think about it. Men don’t go crazy over chocolates and flowers. But they do go crazy over other things. To find Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas he’ll go nuts over read on. Topography Watch Watches are a great way to say “I Love You.” But if you’re in love with an authentically smart dresser, then perhaps the watch you had in mind from the department store might be a little ordinary. We have something else in mind


Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts


Dinner reservations at a nice restaurant? Check! Expensive gift they’ll never use? Check! Then what? Sex. That’s what. Jiver is here to help you close the deal. We have compiled the best Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts and ideas to make cupid’s holiday one to remember for years to come. Read on to find out how. Ultimate Shower Sex Experience Hot and steamy shower sex is a great Valentine’s Day idea- in theory. For the most part, shower sex is usually uncomfortable and awkward due to the lack of friction on bathroom tiles making shower sex ordinarily annoying. For the ultimate


Best New Year’s Gifts 2015

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How will you celebrate 2015? Jiver has come up with the Best New Year’s Gifts to welcome the new year. Get the top gifts for your friends, relatives and party hosts with these jiving New Year’s picks. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses No need for salt rimmed shot glasses with this Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses gift. The set of 4 is made of pink sea salt that also holds many health benefits in addition to making tequila shooting tasty and complete. Add a wedge of lime and get the party started. It is sure to get the receiver of this jiving


Top Ten Outdoor Gifts


Ahh, nothing like the the great outdoors! The crisp, clean air, majestic scenery and fresh deer dung connects us with Mother Nature like nothing else can. Jiver has hand-picked our most outstanding Top Ten Outdoor Gifts to accompany you on your next venture into the wild. See-Through Kayak Want to make your next outdoor expedition memorable? Make sure to take our See-Though Kayak along for a ride. With a fully transparent hull, you can view the beautiful plant life, coral, manatees and more right beneath your feet. The canoe-kayak hybrid seats two with adjustable seating for differing legroom. The aluminum-framed


Top Ten Gift for Christmas


Tension is rising! With the Holidays approaching, shopping malls can be the nightmare before Christmas. Don’t believe me? I dare you to step into a Macy’s this time of year. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Don’t fret; Jiver is spreading Holiday cheer by bringing you the best of the Internet in our Top Ten Christmas Gifts series. Get something for everyone on your list. Aerial Yoga Hammock Top Gift for Her Don’t be fooled, women don’t generally think it’s the thought that counts. They most definitely like nice things. This is why we think our opulent Aerial Yoga Hammock ($255) will


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What is a Jiver, you might ask? Well, a Jiver is an unstoppable being who doesn’t let anyone or anything come between them and getting their jive on…and when you’re trying to shop online, scrolling through endless pages of items on the internet will most definitely make you lose your jive. So we do all work for you! Jiver serves as your personal online shopping editor who’s sole mission is to make the shopping process fun again. We research items across the internet, pulling from an extensive seller network and selecting only the most practical, unique, innovative and hilariously clever